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Iron & Rose

Birgit Braunstein, Wildwux, Burgenland, Austria

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Birgit Braunstein's family have been growing vines next to Lake Neusiedl in Burgenland for 400 years so it's no doubt that she knows what she's doing. Her philosophy is easily explained... 'She handles her vines, grapes and wines with mindfulness, conscientiousness and intention. She accompanies her plants in harmony with nature, touching and feeling what is needed, rather than aimlessly toiling away. She aspires to capture the vitality of the earth in the wine glass. The results are wines that are vibrant, salubrious, structured, and deep – moving wines.'

Wildwux is a velvety and intense blend of Blaufrankisch, St Laurent and Zweigelt, sourced from Birgit's top sites in Purbach in the Leitha mountains, each with a pannonian microclimate moderated by Lake Neusiedl and the shelter of the Leithaberg forests. The vineyards are worked biodynamically without use of pesticides and with herbs and flowers growing between the vines. 

Birgit describes the wildwux as a 'joyful celebration of nature and wine'. Pairs great with hearty dishes like a braised leg of lamb with herbs and garlic. 

Producer - Birgit Braunstein
Country - Austria
Region - Burgenland
Appellation - Neusiedlersee Hugelland
Variety / Blend - Blaufrankisch, St Laurent, Zweigelt

Wine Style - Red Wine
Farming - Biodynamic