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Arianna Occhipinti, SP68 Rosso, Terre Siciliane, Italy

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You’ll know about our slight obsession with Sicily at Iron and Rose, and the amazing wines and food that come from that beautiful island.

You may not know about my secret, slightly obsessive, fandom of Stanley Tucci. (Not so secret now I guess!)

Mix those two together into the recent TV series, Searching for Italy, and frankly it was an hour of bliss.

To top it off Stanley went to interview Arianna Occhipinti whose wines I fell head over heals with back when I first tasted them on a visit to Sicily in 2016. We’ve been selling and drinking them (when we can get hold of them) ever since.

SP68 is a blend of two indigenous Sicilian grapes, Nero d'Avola which gives umph and weight, and Frappato which supplies freshness and finesse. Grown in the unique soils and climate of Ragusa. Want to know more? Do yourself a favour, get on iPlayer, find Stanley and immerse yourself in an hour of virtual travel, preferably with a glass of this to hand.

Producer - Arianna Occhipinti
Country - Italy
Region - Sicily
Appellation - Ragusa
Variety / Blend - Nero d’Avola, Frappato 
Wine Style - Red Wine   
Farming - Organic 
Low Sulphates