Wine of the Week: Bodega Lanzaga "LZ" Rioja

Wine of the Week: Bodega Lanzaga "LZ" Rioja

With Easter at the end of the week we’re going for a Rioja to go with some slow cooked lamb. (Is it just me or does every calendar event have a food associated with it? And food leads to wine…)

Telmo Rodriguez is one of Spain's great ambassadors for wines of place, wines which truly reflect the land, weather and people who made them. Telmo has made wine all round Spain but his home is Rioja: his family owns Bodegas Remelluri. 

Made from grapes grown on vineyards around the village of Lanciego in the cooler, damper Alavesa subregion of Rioja, it is a fantastic antidote to the samey, generic, and often over-oaked wines frequently found labelled as Rioja. Fermented using natural yeasts in small concrete tanks and matured in concrete for 6-7 months before bottling. 

Young, vibrant and with aromas and flavours reminiscent of wild strawberries, it is a Rioja that truly reflects the land that it was grown in, the climate of the area, and the growers who tended the vines.

Perfect with a leg of lamb, slow cooked in olive oil, lemon juice and oregano, preferably in a cooling wood-fired bread oven.

Watch Robin's reel on Instagram here to find out more but spot the not-deliberate mistake: LZ is actually a blend of 90% Tempranillo plus a little Garnacha and Graciano, not the other way round as I said in the film. The rest is all true! 😉

Pick up a bottle in store or check it out and order online at - click here.