Wine of the Week

Wine of the Week

Wine of the week is a true unicorn: Victoria Torres Pecis, Prieto Piezas N3, La Palma, Canary Islands. 

Viki Torres uses traditional, local grape varieties grown in the extraordinary volcanic soils and climate of La Palma, the most north westerly of the Canary Islands, to make truly exceptional wines. In tiny quantities.

We’re fortunate to have got a few bottles to share.

Listan Prieto is the same grape as South America’s Pais and North America’s Mission. It is believed to have originated in Spain, been planted in the Canary Islands as a useful source of wine when they were used as a staging post on the long crossing across the Atlantic to the New World, and from there the variety was taken to the Americas. The grape no longer exists on mainland Spain and the Canary Island expression is quite different to Chile’s Pais but it shares the very drinkable qualities and fruit spectrum that make it unique and quite delicious.

Buy it online here but there's very limited stock so share nicely and just one bottle per order please! 

Producer - Victoria Torres Pecis
Country - Spain
Region - Canary Islands
Appellation - La Palma
Variety / Blend - Listán Prieto
Wine Style - Red Wine
Farming - Organic

PS we like to share, which is why you’ll always find a unicorn or two, something rare and delicious, available to buy by the glass at GlouGlou @glouglou_sy1 and PetitGlou @petit_glou