Wine (and book!) of the week

Wine (and book!) of the week

Wine (and book!) of the week - The World of Natural Wine by Aaron Ayscough to read and Bonnet Cotton, Beaujolais to drink.

The book gives a fantastic breakdown what natural wine is, who makes it and why it matters and the differences between natural wine and what you might call industrial or unnatural wine. It also lists some of the best places around the world to enjoy it and I’m enormously flattered and pleased that our bars GlouGlou and PetitGlou are listed.

The wine is made by one of the new generation of growers in Beaujolais, one of the crucibles of the natural wine revolution. Pierre Cotton and his partner Marine Bonnet have been gradually taking over the family domaine and steadily building a reputation for making amazing wines.

Get a copy of the book, fill your glass.

PS you can find out more from Aaron at where you can also listen to some fascinating podcasts where Aaron interviews some of the key revolutionaries.