Pink wine. Not just for girls.

Pink wine. Not just for girls.

Ranging in style from incredibly pale and almost ethereal to robust, fruit packed wines that aren’t really sure they’re not actually just pale red, there are pink wines for every occasion.

Some are fanastic for just sipping in the shade on a hot summer day while others are brilliant partners for food, especially food with a middle eastern twist.

Call in or click online to check out our current selection of pinks from around the world, made by growers who share a few things in common:

• Love and respect for the planet.

• A desire to make wines which are fixed in a particular time and place, a vintage and a vineyard, not made to a product specification.

• To make wines that while they’re sometimes a little unexpected, sometimes a little hazy, they’re always delicious to drink.

The range is constantly evolving so keep checking back or get in touch.