Not drinking? No compromise!

Not drinking? No compromise!

We love wine. It’s what we do and why we’re here. But sometimes it isn’t wine time.

But we still don't want to compromise on good taste. Frankly we've had enough of fruit juice, fizzy drinks, water or worse when we're the designated driver. We hear #dryjanuary is a thing too (shudder!)

Pentire makes the best, most delicious non-alcoholic distilled botanical spirit we have come across in our quest for great, grown up alcohol free drinks.

Made by micro distillery Pentire Drinks in Port Isaac, Cornwall, using unique plants native to the Cornish coastline their botanical distillations are perfect as an alternative to gin or experiment with your favourite cocktails.

“Adrift” and “Seaward” are both beautiful expressions of place, of the rugged Pentire headland, savoury, satisfying, complex and zesty.

Frankly, we’d be happy to drink them anytime, wine time or not.

Free from added sugar, artificial colourings and flavourings.

Buy them by clicking here.