Monday Fun-days

Monday Fun-days

Mondays are often spent at wine tastings. Some might not call that work 😉

But for us it’s serious business.

We’re always on the lookout for new wines, new finds, and reacquainting ourselves with old favourites.

Sometimes it’s knowing what wines we don’t want to buy too. The ones that for whatever reason we just don’t get.

The problem with new finds is, what’s going to go to make space? The shelves are already creaking and the storage chockablock.

Happily (but also sadly) quite a lot of the wines we buy are very limited production so there’s always part of the year when they are sold out, waiting on the arrival of the next vintage. This naturally makes room for something fresh or the opportunity to bring back something we’ve had before.

And because what we do are not “identikit” wines that are bludgeoned into tasting the same every year come what may, every vintage brings new surprises and new delights. As well as the occasional disappointment.

We’ve been at it long enough now to have seen the development and maturation in style of some amazing winemakers too.

So keep checking in online at or better still in person in the shop in Shrewsbury Market Hall, and sign up for our not too frequent emails to keep up to date with what’s coming in, going out or just hit a sweet spot of delicious drinkability.