With their farm and vineyards nestled amongst the mountains of Italy’s idyllic, Trentino region, Foradori is a family producer of authentic, precise and elegant wines made using local grape varieties and mainly clay tinajas to ferment and age.

Wine has been made on the farm since the 1930’s, Elisabetta Foradori took over in 1984. Recently she has moved her attention to their cheesemaking and the winery, vineyards and farming are being looked after by the next generation, Emilio, Theo and Myrtha.

Winemaking in Trentino Alto Adige is dominated by cooperatives which tend more towards conventional modern agriculture. At Foradori they work organically and biodynamically for the wine and on the wider farm.

But this is all part of their focus on the future. According to Theo, in today’s climate, it is not enough to only produce wine. “To create a young, energetic team, you need to create an environment where they can take an interest in things beyond wine. If we want to be relevant in 20 years time, we need to create an ecosystem that can incubate ideas and creativity.”

We’ve just had a fresh delivery of their wines and there is one for whatever the weather throws at us now! From feather-light red Lezèr, to structured mineral whites and orange, to chunky reds for cooler evenings.