Blessings of Unicorns

Blessings of Unicorns

If you've ever paid us a visit at our home in the Shrewsbury Market Hall, you'll have no doubt noticed our top shelf of wonders. The Unicorn Shelf, full of rarities and oddities, newcomers and old gems, wines that get us truly hyped up.

We've just upgraded to a whole display case full of these mythical wines but there's still only so much room on the physical shelf. Online though, we have the luxury of homing all of the unicorn alumni. You can find a curated selection of them by clicking here and all of our unicorns are available to order for collection or delivery across the UK at, our also recently upgraded web shop.

Recent arrivals include wines from Chablis legend, De Moor. Wines from La Palma made by Victoria Torres (pictured above). Massa Vecchia from Tuscany. Domaine Dandelion in Burgundy and Domaine de Saint Pierre in Jura. And Timo Meyer in Yarra Valley, Australia.

Why Unicorn? Well, they are the kind of wines you may have heard about, may even know someone who's seen one. They needn't be expensive, they are just super scarce and it's exciting when you catch a glimpse of one. We're in the lucky position to get a few bottles from time to time - a question of being in the right place, at the right time, and knowing the right people! And "blessings" is the collective noun for unicorns, a fact which could come in useful at the next GlouGlou quiz night.

PS we like to share which is why you will always find at least one Unicorn available to buy by the glass at GlouGlou and PetitGlou so call in and see which one we have brought out of the stable this week!