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Rémi Sédés, Cuvée Noé, Coteaux d'Ancenis, Loire, France, 2018

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Rémi hails from the Jura but moved to the Loire region in 2013 with his wife, who was born in Nantes, and started producing wine in the Côtes d'Ancenis, renting a plot of 20-year-old isolated vines from local biodynamic ‘grandfather’ Jacques Caroge.

Ancenis is a red wine region which suits Rémi who specialises in making Gamay - check out his Samplemousse too.

The vineyards have been farmed organically for over 25 years and Rémi uses horses - very beautiful Percheron horses - to work them and very little if any sulphur in the winery.

The soil is micro granite - which suits Gamay particularly well - with a mix of clay, sand and lime underneath. Gamay is a vigorous vine but the acidity helps to reduce yields, and Gamay on granite will make wine that can age. 

For Noé the grapes are de-stemmed and crushed, with pumping over keep the top wet when fermentation begins. It stays on skins until end of fermentation (3-4 weeks). The vines have been organic for 25 years – they and the yeast are healthy so fermentation is short. All wine on full lees for the winter.

The wine is quite a chunky style of Gamay with kirsch and dark berries on the nose, a rich and ample palate, with a refreshing acidity that makes it very moreish and drinkable. 

Producer - Rémi Sédés
Country - France
Region - Loire
Appellation - Coteaux d'Ancenis
Variety / Blend - Gamay
Wine Style - Red Wine
Farming - Organic
No added sulphites