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Kusmi, Tropical White, Organic tea - 90g tin

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Mango and passionfruit flavoured white tea

Here is what Kusmi has to say..

Enjoy a change of scenery with organic Tropical White, a white tea with mango and passion fruit.
Silence on the film set! Organic Tropical White is sure to captivate you with its beautifully subtle screenplay!

Camera… Action! We open on your living room and the horizon in the distance. Mango and its fresh, sweet flavor appear in the foreground. The intensely tangy taste of passion fruit stands in as a co-star. We now zoom in on the beach – it’s as if you were really there! Waiting by the shore is a base of elegant white tea, as delicate as the sand beneath your feet. A guaranteed change of scenery in a cup of tea!

That’s a wrap! Roll the credits… But thanks to organic Tropical White, you can dive back into the idyllic scene whenever you want! And remember, it is just as exotic whether enjoyed hot or iced.