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Hundred House Coffee, Isaiso, Tanzania - 227g

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Hundred House Coffee -

FARM: Isaiso Co-op
REGION: Songwe
ALTITUDE: 1350-1490 MASL

VARIETAL: N92, N39, Compact, Kent

Tanzania Isaiso is grown on the Isaiso Agricultural Marketing Cooperative Society (AMCOS) in the Mbozi District of Tanzania. AMCOS is a small local cooperative society which aids with the purchasing of agricultural supplies and helps the farmers market their crops. Set up in 2008, AMCOS has been boosting productivity and output for the farmers of Mbozi, making best use of Tanzania’s ideal climate. The country’s hot, humid climate, volcanic soil and adequate height above sea level all promise to produce some great tasting coffee.

Cherries are carefully selected at peak ripeness before being processed at home using hand peelers to peel away the external fruit straight after harvest. This by-hand process requires impressive skill and allows for scrutinous quality checks. Beans are then fermented in tanks of water for up to 3 days, ensuring the removal of any left-over mucilage. Finally, they are sun dried for 9-10 days before their exportation.