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Hundred House Coffee, Nyanza Tubiri Hill, Burundi - 227g

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Hundred House Coffee -

FARM: Nyanza Tubiri Hill
REGION: Kayanza
ALTITUDE: 1450 - 1600 MASL


This lot of fully washed Bourbon is grown by smallholder farmers on Nyanza Tubiri Hill in Kayanza, Burundi. The ripe cherries are carefully selected and taken to the Ikawa Niziza mill for processing. The Ikawa Nziza mill has a specific focus on building and promoting specialty coffee production throughout Burundi whilst also sustainably developing facilities within the local population.

Cherries are delivered to the mill by smallholder farmers on a daily basis. The cherries are floated which allows for the finest cherries to be sorted by density. Once selected the cherries are then pulped and dry fermented for a period of 14 hours and then fully washed to remove all remaining mucilage. After washing the coffee follows a two stage drying process, first under shade and then in full sunlight for a period of 20 days. Throughout this time the coffee is carefully turned to ensure an even and consistent drying process.

Ikawa Nziza's mill is the first purpose-built specialty drymill in Burundi, situated at altitude and designed to cater for high-quality microlot coffees.