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Hundred House Coffee, Don Victor, Nicaragua - 227g

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Hundred House Coffee -

FARM: Don Victor, Santa Maria Farm

REGION: Matagalpa & Jinotega
ALTITUDE : 1380-1500
PROCESS : Washed 

Coffee grown on the Los Nubes farms of Matagalpa and Jinotega could not ask for more ideal conditions. Situated within the Isabelia mountain range, farmers have access to extensive fertile soils and plenty of rain, rivers and waterfalls. Not only does the mountain range offer the ideal climate, but this area of Nicaragua promises an ‘eternal spring’, guaranteeing a consistent temperature within a 25–28-degree range and humidity between 75% and 85% all year round.

This perfect location was possessed by Nicaragua’s government in the 1980s and has only recently been reclaimed and dedicated to the production of speciality coffee, whilst also giving back to the community. The farms offer jobs to the locals – paying better than the country’s laws indicate - and owners also donate clean water to the community. Los Nubes’ coffee is subject to meticulous inspection and hand-picking, allowing for only the best of the best. Once dry, beans are processed according to the highest standards of quality and cleanliness, in line with expectations at Grupos Los Nubes’ dry mill.

The dedicated processing and ideal climate makes for a light, elegant taste, representative of the care and attention poured into it. We detected tasting notes of white grape, malt and chocolate.