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Iron & Rose

Delinquente, Bizzarro, Riverland, Australia

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From Con Greg comes something a little different but still wholeheartedly Italian with that signature Aussie twist.

Bizzarro is a bitter Aparitivo, and you might be wondering what this has to do with wine? Well first you take a neutral grape spirit and then infuse it with various botanicals, fruits and herbs, Con Greg has used organically grown oranges and lemons from the Riverland region, creating a real citrus bomb. Once this is done you add this concoction to biodynamic, skin contact Vermentino to fortify it.

For best results add to a pet nat with fresh citrus fruits.

Producer - Delinquente
Country - Australia
Region - Riverland
Variety / Blend - Aperitivo added to Vermentino
Farming - Organic