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Iron & Rose

Antica Enotria, Vriccio Primitivo, Puglia, Italy

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 Raffaele Di Tuccio and wife, Addolorata left Basilicata in the 90's in search of fertile land and natural approaches to farming, they found their spot in Puglia. They renovated a Contessa Staffa farm near Cerignola and they began farming organically and producing natural wines. Since then they have branched out further and farm some of the best tomatoes and pickles for their authentic sauce company.

Once the grapes have ripened they are gently pressed and left on to macerate on the skins and a controlled fermentation occurs for 12 days with frequent pump overs. After this the wine ages in stainless steel for 12 months before a further raging in bottle for 4 months.

Producer         - Antica Enotria
Country           - Italy
Region             - Puglia
Variety / Blend - Primitivo
Farming            - Organic